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IL-2848, Power of Attorney

In order to protect the confidentiality of tax information, tax practitioners, preparers, etc., are required to have been designated as third-party designee on the current year tax return or be authorized by the taxpayer on Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney, on file with the department before our representatives on the toll-free line (1 800 732-8866), business hot line (217 524-4772), or any other representative within the department can discuss your client’s information with you. 

When calling the toll-free line or business hot line, you can submit a completed and signed IL-2848 to us as an email attachment addressed to  (Note:  Please be aware that sending information via email is not secure.)  Allow 3 business days for us to receive and post the power of attorney to your client’s account before calling one of the phone numbers listed above for assistance.

In addition, you should have a copy of your client’s return with you as you will be asked to verify certain information contained on the return.