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2003 Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Forms and Schedules

Name Description
IL-1041 Instr. Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return (Includes Schedule D and NR) (R-12/03)
IL-843   Amended Return or Notice of Change in Income (R-12/03)
Sch. F   Gains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired before 8/1/69 (R-12/03)
Sch. CR   Credit for Tax Paid to Other States (R-12/03)
Sch. NB   Nonbusiness Income (R-12/03)
Sch. NLD   Illinois Net Loss Deduction (R-12/03)
Sch. K-1-T   Beneficiary's Share of Income and Deductions (R-12/03)
Sch. K-1-T(2)   Beneficiary's Instructions (R-12/03)
IL-4562   Special Depreciation (R-12/03)
IL-56   Notice of Fiduciary Relationship (R-12/00)
IL-477   Replacement Tax Investment Credits (R-12/03)
Sch. 1299-B   Enterprise Zone Foreign Trade Zone/Sub-Zone Subtractions (For Corporations and Fiduciaries) (R-12/03)
Sch. 1299-D Instr. Income Tax Credits (For Corporations and Fiduciaries) (R-12/03)
Sch. 1299-S   Enterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones, and Sub-Zones (R-12/03)
IL-1023-C Instr. Illinois Composite Income and Replacement Tax Return (R-12/03)
Sch. 4255   Recapture of Investment Tax Credits (R-12/03)